EthGear, is the future project to build a cloud mining platform globally in any region. Any people who interest in cryptocurrency mining, can be part of us, and start mining with very low price and very profitable.

Project ETHGEAR token is present before running the project mining with real. The entire token sold will be able to be switched with the power cost of hash is cheaper.

About Pre-Launch Token

Our projects are in progress, during the work process, we opened our token sales over time on potential investors to get cheap power with the purchase of hash Token.


Why Choose us?

Solution mining crypto in the future.

Ethgear offers a way to buy hash power and mining service cloud multialgoritme which is a great alternative from Ethereum. This overcomes the complexity and sustainable competitiveness in the mining of the Ethereum.

Ethgear provides the best solution in conducting mining cloud, in balance with managed financial and accurate.

Problem & Solution

Solve solution of the existing problems of mining is part of our.


A problem that often occurs
  • The cost of purchasing an expensive machine
  • Requires high electrical power
  • Treatment of complicated machinery
  • The convoluted mining technology
  • The result mining unstable


The best in solving problems
  • Cloud mining technology Special
  • Minimal maintenance costs
  • Mining machine rental cheap
  • Easy cloud mining overview
  • Electrical power supported the Special

Tokens Details

Tokens Offered
500.000.000 Token
Soft Cap
8.000 ETH
Hard Cap
32.000 ETH
Tokens To Platfrom
7 days after token sale ends

Follow To Purchase Token

Ensure you have at last 0.1 ETH plus GAS fee in your ERC-20 Suppoerted Wallet

Send payment to Smart Contract Address : 0xaf743f1ef83d62c126a62d3c2372f1780299113a

Minimum payment : 0.1 ETH

DONE - Your ETG token will be automatically send to your wallet

ICO Phase I 1 ETH Lounch - 15 DEC 2018 13.000 TOKEN (ETG)
ICO Phase II 1 ETH 16 - 30 DEC 2018 12.100 TOKEN (ETG)
ICO Phase III 1 ETH 1 - 30 JAN 2019 11.500 TOKEN (ETG)

Token Allocation

All token will be allocated to the owners of the token. Holders can redeem their Token token to the strength of the hash in ethgear platform. Each token has been redeemed, will be brought back, and we are giving power to hash customers.


Read Our Documents

Here is our full documents that help you to understand about us.

Our Technology Services

We provide convenience in currency cryptocurrency mining

Extensive Server Location

Our servers are located in various countries.

Innovative Mining Technology

Provide ease in mine cryptocurrency.

Instant Withdrawal

Withdrawal of funds easily, directly to your account.

Safe & Secure

Ensure the security of the account



This is a milestone we are hoping to achieve.

June 2018
  • Concept
  • Master Plan
July 2018
  • Research
  • Blue Print
August 2018
  • Procurment Progress
  • Mining Machine Procurment
September 2018
  • Machine Installation
  • Start Development Platform
October 2018
  • Build Ecosystem
November 2018
  • Build MVP Demo
  • Fixed MVP Display
December 2019
  • Sale Token
  • Token Sale Phase I
  • Token Sale Phase II

Our Global Footprint Brings The Cloud To You

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Frequently asked questions

ETHGEAR is a platform of cloud mining specifically for doing mining ethereum cryptocurrency.

We only support the purchase by using the ethereum cryptocurrency.

You can make purchases against smartcontract ETHGEAR, by sending a minimum of 0.01 ETH.

You will gain an advantage in price cheaper KHz when you exchange the token THGEAR be KHz on our mining platform.

Token prices will always increase appropriate phase, determined by receipt of the token.

You can make purchases with your account wallet ethereum, and add smart contract address to get the token.

And you can exchange token when the platform has been active.